The Public Policy Forum of Crested Butte
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Public Policy Forum Speakers  2008 - 2007

2008 Forum Calendar

July 3rd (Thursday)
Karin P. Sheldon: Executive director of Western Resource Advocates, a  conservation law and policy non-profit in Boulder, Colorado. “The Fight to Save Red Lady: Chapter Two”

July 9th

Judith Kipper: Internationally recognized Middle East specialist and member of the board and director, Middle East Programs, Institute of World Affairs. "The Middle East: Can the Next President Fix It?"

July 12th (Saturday)
Senator Kenneth Salazar: Elected to the U. S. Senate from Colorado in 2004, he serves on the Senate Finance, Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources, Ethics, and Aging committees.

July 16th
Jon M. Kingsdale: Executive director of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, an independent authority established in 2006 under Massachusetts’ landmark health reform legislation.

July 23rd
Professor Robert Dunbar: Stanford University professor in its Department of Environmental Earth System Science and director of its Earth Systems Program. “Climate Change: Fact and Fiction”

July 30th
Mike Abramowitz: Reporter and editor at the Washington Post since 1985. “The Bush Legacy: A View from the Press Room”

August 6th       EarthRights International
Ka Hsaw Wa: Co-founder and  executive director of Earth Rights International and a  member of the Karen ethnic nationality of Burma.
Katharine Redford: Co-founder and U.S. office director and a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law.
“U.S. Corporate Accountability Abroad: Unoco in Burma” 

August 13th
Alan Hegburg: Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Energy Policy in Washington, D.C.
“How the International Energy Markets Are Changing”    

August 20th
Jay W. Helman: 13th president of Western State College, Gunnison, CO. "21st Century Educational Challenges" 

August 29 (Friday)
Ted Turner: Chairman of Turner Enterprises, entrepreneur and philanthropist. “Trying To Be Smart”

2007 Forum Calendar

Scott Bates: Lecturer at Indiana University and Lisa Bates."National Security: What Our Success in the Balkans Says About Iraq".

Senator Timothy Wirth: U.S. Senator, CO (ret.); President, United Nations Foundation: "Why the United Nations Is Our
Indispensable Partner".

Ambassador Philip C. Wilcox, Jr. (ret): President, Foundation for Middle East Peace: "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
America's National Security and the Urgent Need for New U.S. Leadership".

Ambassador Ed Peck (ret):  "The Middle East Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: How Geography, History, and Religion
Have Shaped a Vital Region".

Lewis Simons: Pulitzer Prize winning author on Southeast Asia: "Dominos Again: Why The U.S. Must Return to Southeast
Asia as the First Step in Recovering From the Iraq Debacle".

Delle McCormick: Executive Director, BorderLinks: "Immigration and The Human Face Of Global Economics".

Senator Gary Hart: U.S. Senator, CO (ret): Wirth Chair Scholar, University of Colorado Denver Graduate School of Public Affairs:
"Shifting the Paradigm: How Do We Really Achieve Peace and Security in the 21st Century".

Ambassador Joseph Wilson (ret): "Truth in Governance: How the Bush Administration Misled the American People Into War".

Dr. Ahmad Ghoreishi: Lecturer, U.S. Naval Post-Graduate School: "The U.S. - Iran Conflict: Is War Inevitable?".
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