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Public Policy Forum of Crested Butte: 
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Crested Butte Center for the Arts
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm 
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June 28, 2017

 Gail Schwartz- Are the Maroon Bells for Sale?: Threat to Public Lands

Senator Schwartz built a distinguished legislative record in education, water, natural resources, and energy. While Colorado State Senate Majority Whip, she was appointed chair of six major Senate committees. As a resident of Crested Butte and 2016 candidate for Congress, she defines the true cost of losing the legacy of our public lands in the West.

July 5, 2017 

Sarah Brito- Food Transparency in the Age of Alternative Facts and Fake News

Sara Brito is a 20 year food, advertising/digital media, and Fortune 100 Industry veteran. Sara's work has been featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine. In 2015 she was invited by the U.S. Department of State and the James Beard Foundation to Speak at the American Chef Rally in Milan, Italy and in 2007 she participated in the inaugural "Why Food Matters" program at the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado Boulder.

July 12, 2017

Nan Aron- The Fight to Save The Federal Judiciary

Nan Aron is nationally recognized for her vast expertise in public interest law, the federal judiciary, and citizen participation in public policy.  Nan is the Founder and President of Alliance for Justice, a leading voice on matters related to the federal judiciary.

July 19, 2017

Mark Fallon- Countering Violent Extremism

Mark Fallon is the author of Unjustifiable Means:  The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture.  He has been involved in some of the most significant terrorism investigations and operations in recent history, including the prosecution of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (known at "the Blind Sheik") and the attack on the USS Cole (DDG-67).

July 26, 2017

John Bellinger- Trump's National Security Agenda: An Early Assessment

John Bellinger III served as The Legal Adviser for the U.S. Department of State under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  He served as Senior Associate Counsel to the President and Legal Advisor to the National Security Council.

August 2, 2017

George Frampton- Climate Change:  Prospects for Carbon Pricing

George Frampton graduated from Yale College and Harvard Law School.  He is a former prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.  He was chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and President of The Wilderness Society.

August 9, 2017

Ilyse Hogue- The Future is Female

Ilyse Hogue is an expert in organizing and mobilizing grassroots support for media reform and human rights.  She is president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.  She was a member of the Platform Committee at the most recent Democratic National Convention as well as a featured speaker.

August 16, 2017

Tim WirthClimate is Energy: Energy is Climate

Tim Wirth served as a Colorado U.S. Senator from 1987 - 1993. Wirth was national co-chair of the Clinton-Gore campaign and served in the U.S. Department of State as the first undersecretary for 
global affairs. He resigned from the administration to accept Ted Turner's invitation to be president of the newly created United Nations Foundation,
a position he held from 1998 to 2013.

Tim Wirth will be holding a panel discussion with  John Harte.
John Hate is one of the most distinguished and senior of all  environmental scientists in the country. Some of his most significant work has flowed from research done in Gunnison County. Over the last 20 years, John's novel and important global warming research, conducted at RMBL, has resulted in more PhD theses, and more research papers on climate than almost any other foundational study. 

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